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Protect Yourself Online with FREE Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield

As part of Cole Taylor Bank’s commitment to your online security we have partnered with Webroot to offer you protection against
viruses and online threats. Webroot works alongside existing antivirus software and other security products your company utilizes. However, unlike your anti-virus software, it is specially designed to protect your log in credentials and account information.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield protects you in three ways:

1. Helps you to avoid submitting sensitive information to a phishing site.

2. Makes sure that your login credentials are directed only to your intended website.

3. Protects your account information both personal and business, even if there is malicious software running on your PC.

The software installs quickly and runs silently in the background on your computer. It also updates automatically, so you stay protected against the latest threats.
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*It is recommended that you contact your company’s IT professional before attempting to download the software as administrator rights are required for installation.


Security Alerts

01/13/14: It's Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week!

12/22/13: FBI warns of new "man-in-the-email" scheme affecting businesses

LEARN MORE about recent activity related to Phishing, fraudulent websites, and other security alerts.

Questions about Webroot?

For more information about Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield, including:

  • Who is Webroot?
  • How is it different from my antivirus software?
  • How do I install it?

And other common questions please review the Frequently Asked Questions.