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Cole Taylor Reporter

Cole Taylor Reporter: Companies need access to information 24/7. Cole Taylor Reporter offers a suite of convenient online services enabling you to monitor your cash, initiate transactions and otherwise get both a big picture and close-up view of your finances – anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Cole Taylor Reporter offers you a customizable set of sophisticated business banking services that include:

  • Balance Reporting Services to help determine your cash position, research transaction inquiries, view images of paid checks, and create reports that can be viewed online, printed or exported to financial accounting software programs.
  • Payment Initiation Services to initiate ACH transactions, domestic and international US dollar wire transfers, and book transfers between your Cole Taylor Bank accounts.
  • Risk Management Services to reduce payments fraud. You can place a stop payment request on unpaid checks or opt for our Positive Pay service which lets you view and decision suspect ACH and check items as they are presented for payment.
  • Receivables Management Services to access same-day receivables information, including viewable images of checks and remittance documents, from your Cole Taylor Bank lockbox.

No matter your company’s size or the complexity of your financial issues, Cole Taylor Reporter is scalable to meet your needs. Subscribe only to the services that make sense for your business. As your business grows, Cole Taylor Reporter is flexible enough to grow with you.


Cole Taylor Direct Connect

Direct Connect: Looking for ways to cut down on trips to the bank? Now you can deposit checks on your own time – from anywhere with an Internet connection. Cole Taylor’s DirectConnect allows you (and your company’s authorized users) to make deposits and expedite check processing, thanks to our user-friendly scanner and secure online deposit service. For customers facing larger volumes of checks, a high-speed scanner is also available.

  • An easy-to-use, Web-based system
    • User interface options – locations, additional data fields and more
    • Virtual deposit ticket with optional location field
    • Duplicate item detection and choice of image views
    • Convenient access to deposit history and check images
  • Reporting and integration with back-office accounting systems
    • Summary totals reporting as well as detailed activity
    • User defined query options for research
  • Security
    • Multi-factor authentication for increased security protection
    • Account number masking
    • Role based user entitlements for dual control
    • Audit reporting by location and users






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