Our Export Services Make a World of Difference

Is your company involved in international trade? Cole Taylor’s export services help bridge the distances.

  • Documentary Collection Maintain control over the delivery of your goods until your buyer submits payment.
  • Letters of Credit One of the primary means of international collection, these formalize a bank’s agreement to make payment as long as you perform under the specified terms – thus giving you peace of mind.
  • Standby Letters of Credit These versatile instruments provide extra security in international transactions by covering default on either side. They can be used to cover both financial and performance obligations.
  • Foreign currency wires and drafts Cole Taylor Bank is a member of the SWIFT network and its SWIFT code is COLEUS44.

Other Cash-Management Services

Account Reconcilement Resources

  • Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Partial, Full or Range Reconcilement
  • Deposit Reconcilement
  • Paid Check CD ROM


  • Controlled Disbursements
  • ZBAs

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International Banking

Cole Taylor offers a suite of services to streamline global business transactions, including:

  • Documentary Collection
  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Foreign Currency Wires and Drafts

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